Monday, April 7, 2008

propaganda against propaganda

The purpose of propaganda is to get a point across to the people... to persuade and shock. I personally find it interesting that propaganda of the past has really affected people in the way that would cause them to act/back up an idea against their moral beliefs and rational understanding. Some of the propaganda (especially today) seems to poke fun but still hit the serious point even if it is with sarcasm. The piece of propaganda I chose reveals just how much pull the press has when it comes to what we hear and what we don't. We depend on reports for information and some take it oh so serious. This is an intro image for a video that shows just how much the press backed up the white house even when evidence proved otherwise. Crazy! A piece of propaganda against propaganda!! War feeds the production of these influential pieces, although it can be used for almost every debatable idea. This piece has all of the characteristics of a piece of propaganda. It contains simple imagery and limited but blunt in content type. It says what it needs to while making a huge impact. So lets not listen to everything the media has to say because truth is not always what it seems. 

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