Monday, April 7, 2008

Political Propaganda

Today, propaganda is defined as being a concerned set of messages that is aimed at influencing the many different opinions or behavior of many different people. Propaganda presents information in order to influence whomever the audience may be at any given time.

Although Propaganda shares many different techniques with advertising and public relations, there has been many different illustrations that have become present which represent propaganda in a political way. Propaganda is often used to influence the opinions and beliefs on religious issues especially during the time of the split between the Catholic Church and the Protestants. Among the many different aspects that propaganda has influenced, today propaganda is very common in political contexts which enables the ability of referring to certain efforts that may have been sponsored by the government and political groups while still allowing the chance to convert interests.

By looking at the given picture on the right, I feel that it was defiantly made to appeal to the audience and present a point that is clearly expressed. Propaganda is often used to get the artists point across or to illustrate the particular point of view.

Here is another example of political propaganda, in which the one individual can get a feel of how exactly the artist or artists feels about one person, an issue, or a group of people.

After realizing the different aspects of propaganda, It was very clear for me to realize how much political propaganda there is present in our every day world in which we probably just overlook due to the over stressing about everything.

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