Sunday, April 6, 2008

Political Propaganda

Throughout the last 75 years, the world of Graphic Design has exploded during times of war, turmoil, political races and advertisement. Some of these designs inspire us, irritate us, anger us, and makes us laugh or even make us feel sadness. They promote a feeling inside that meaning people do not get from reading or hearing things. During this movement much of the artwork too on the same types of typography, colors and quality of work. If you look at each of the pieces, while different, they are all tied together as being similar. The differences were really found in the statements that they made and the lightness and darkness that would appear with the message.

The elements of propaganda, I have found in my studies, are those of almost a cartoon like quality. They have bold colors and extremely striking font found on each and every piece. They are extremely easy to read and usually make a simple, bold statement. In some cases, as seen in our book, there are women used to, in my opinion, seduce men into reading more into what the message says. Also, when wanting to express the military they have used strong men and woman, bright colors and typography that have a thick/strong feel to it. Each of these elements appear throughout these designs and makes them unified in the appeal and who they are attempting to appeal to. Usually the color of the font used in the designs is a white or black font, to make it stand out more against a colored background.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

The cartoon quality is a good point to expound on--cartoons are for kids, typically, aren't they?