Sunday, April 27, 2008

MJS_Romanesque_Journal #9

How does Romanesque art and architecture reflect the times in terms of form, style, and content?

Romanesque art and architecture has reflected form, style, and content threw out history. The Romanesque style is considered a “period style,” according to the introduction section page xx of our text. “Period style refers to the characteristic artistic manner of a specific time, usually within a distinct culture, such as “Archaic Greek” or “ Late Byzantine.”” Which tells us that the Romanesque style is a “period style” because it is a specific time and a distinct culture with in history.

The content of the “Interior of Laon Cathedral…” image found on page 365 in our text contains Romanesque features. The “Romanesque features are nave bays with their large sexpartite rib vaults, flanked by two small groin-vaulted squares in each aisle.” Romanesque churches drove “The vaulting system”. For example, “Interior of Saint-Etienne” at Caen found on page 336 in our text. Notice the Romanesque architecture of the rib vaulting found on the ceilings.

The forms of the groin vaults are designed to prevent the outward thrust of the barrel vaults. The architecture of these cathedrals was extensively thought out. The barrel and groin vaults were designed based on the arch. They were well-lighted, solid, fire proof, and acoustically suitable. They were some impressive architects in my opinion. The rib-vaulting square was also used as a measuring device. This is shown on page 336; figure 12-14 “Plan of Saint-Etienne…” in our text. From the entrance to the nave all the way up to the aps a person can see the increments of measurement.

Still today we see Romanesque art and architecture. In most of our larger Churches or Cathedral we will see stain glass windows and vaulted ceilings. The Romanesque period was an influential style that has been carried over through out the years. And will probably continue to inspire our architects in the future.

Misty J Slavens

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