Wednesday, April 23, 2008

how imagery has changed our lives.

I think that the proliferation of imagery has had as great an effect on life as we know it as most anything. From the beginning we have used imagery to get the point across to others. Early cave men used the cave paintings to show what they had seen to others.
Imagery is the universal way of communication. Its can range from simple images to very complex images. Look at the most common and universal image of the male and female pictures on bathrooms. Even people who cannot read can figure out which bathroom to enter.
I think that today it is much easier for someone who cannot read to go through life. Or even people who can read don’t even read the signs they just look at the specific color or shape and realize what the sign is meaning.
Another way that imagery has changed the way that people process information today is in magazine ads or commercials on TV. If a company has a great advertising program then they could out sale a better competitor just because there commercial has better sounds and colors. “That toilet paper is so soft even a Bear uses it!”
Honestly who wants to buy the generic cereal in a bag when the cereal that comes in the box looks so much cooler, even though it is probably the exact same product. In every industry the use of images to portray there product or service has helped them get further in the world. I mean honestly if a person looks in the yellow pages to find a heating and air company to fix there heater and there is one with a company name and number and right next to it there is a company with a full page ad then of coarse that person is going to call the company with the huge ad.

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