Monday, April 14, 2008

Government Funding of the Arts

Personally I do not think it would be a good thing for the government to fund the arts in the US. I say this because it would almost be like working on commission all the time. I mean sure it probably would not start out like that but eventually what it would come down to is doing art that the government wants you to do. See just like in commission work you have to satisfy the person giving you the money. I can see it now,

Government: Oh yah sure we will give you a grant to keep providing art to society.

You do one thing. They like it.

You do a second thing. They like it

You do a third thing slightly different style. They tell you your stuff all looks the same.

You do a forth in a completely new and different style.

Government: WHAT THE FRAK IS THAT! This is not what I gave you money for, do something like this.

And there you have it you are now no longer allowed to do what you want but instead you are being told what to draw or paint or how a particular design should look etc. It might not even be the design it could just be that people do not like the subject matter of your work. Either way you have now lost your ability to be creative. Now oveasley it might not happen as fast as one, two, three, you suck. Some people might get lucky and it might never happen to them. But that is a chance you have to take. But hay as long as you are comfortable with big brother looking over your shoulder then it is all good. Me personally I would rather do the whole work a normal job and paint or draw on my own time rather then run the risk of having someone tell me what to do. Must be the whole Leo thing acting up again.