Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Blending of Pagan Symbolism with Christian Concepts

Advantages and disadvantages of blending pagan influence into christian art
Pagan and christian faith is almost similar to each other, the only difference between these two are christianity beleive that there is one god, jesus was the savior of all of our souls and we should beleivee in him through his faith. in other hand the pagan believe that everything has a soul. Christian faith took many ideas from pagan church such as columns and arches and soon christian churches soon started look like pagan.back then most of the roman people were pagan so christian faith built architecture almost looked like pagan to attract others under christianitywhich is new reliogin for pagan. Many people beleived and still beleives that pagan has more dark practices in history.This could be due to the fact that the pagan's worship the earth rather than an entity. advantage of mixing up the reliogin would be they can reach more people and they like the idea of statues and images that people can see what they don't really see and most importatly since pagan worshiped more nature, after they mixing up reliogin there would be more people would worship for nature who never worships for nature . disadvantage is not keeping the both purity and originality of pagan and christianity and telling people what to beleive. none of us really know which is the real reliogin and it comes down to individual's choice thats why we have so many types of christianity and different religions.

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