Monday, March 31, 2008

Verism in Roman Culture!

Verism in roman sculptures and portraits are shown all through out the country's history. Every since the beginning of the country's history the more prominate and distinguished families proved to be proud of there ancestry. The way the prominate Roman families showed there pride was through sculptured portraits. And with these portraits came verism, the older men the family were the ones that were most sculptured. These men wanted every detail to show in there portraits like saggy old men skin, hairy warts, scars etc... This would define the character behind the person that was being sculptured and his position in society. So every detail healed its importance to describe the maturity of the man. The Romans wanted to use what the learned from the Greeks but also wanted lay way for there own style to come, they did not want to be exactly like the Greeks. Verism described the power the man healed that was being sculptured. They also wanted there sculptures to be no more Nobel then what they were in real life. An the reason for only older men being sculptured was that younger men's faces were more smooth almost baby like which showed immaturity. Power is what describes Rome and with that comes the powerful looking people and this is why Verism was so important.

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