Monday, March 31, 2008

Roman culture and verism

Roman artists strived to create their subjects in their true to life form. The Romans were influenced greatly by the art of the Greeks. The main difference in the two is the fact that Romans believed in verism Greeks on the other hand prefer idealism. The Romans were a very confident civilization this confidence led them to want to depict their subjects with such verism. They were interested in the way the Greeks depicted their subjects it’s just they wanted to take it to a whole new level and make their subjects as real as possible. The Romans believed that being old was a sign of wisdom. With this taken into context unlike the Greeks the Romans depicted people both as elderly and youthful. The Greeks idealized their subjects while the Romans created them with their wrinkles, frowns warts and all. The reasoning of this could be solely to aide in the preservation of their legacy. The Romans were very proud of their heritage they wanted to be known as they were in real life. This is crucial in leaving behind their legacy. Also unlike the Greeks the Romans also used death masks to capture the face of the dead to make busts. It was also crucial to emperors to be depicted just as they were. This idealization allowed royalty to emphasis their dynasty and rein, Proving their power and strength in showing them as their subjects in everyday life saw them. Although the Romans differed in style of their art they did continue to idealize the Greeks for their sculpture. They actually made replicas of some of the most famous Greek sculptures. The Romans were also well known for being somewhat of a copycat society. They were very much inspired by art of other societies. They took this and added their own sense of Romanesque flair. 

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