Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What has been been photography's impact on the world of fine art, illustration, and graphic design?

I think that photograph has had a big impact on the word of fine art, illustration, and graphic design because if you if you was to think about any of the three without photography, then it would take away that real life visual effect. You could paint, design , or illustrate art but it doesn't have the same effect as a photo. A photo to me seems easier to relate to because I can look and see the picture but without photography its more of your imagination.

Photography has had a big impact on art since around 1665 when the first camera was invented. The invention of the camera gave artists a chance to take there creation to another level. Being able to capture a real life moment opened allot of doors into the world of fine art, illustration, and also graphic design. I think that photography gives you a opportunity to create a real life feeling and lets you view the art more from the artist point of view, and its allot more detailed.

I believe that Photography has shaped the world the world we live in today, were surrounded by pictures every where we go, you even take a picture with your cell phone in today's world, there are pictures all over the web, putting pictures of your family on your desk at work.
Photography's is one of the best invention ever because theirs nothing better than being able to capture a great moment and being able to keep a visual image of it for a lifetime.

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