Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photography's impact on the world

Well if you ask me photography has had a huge impact on fine art and graphic design. Photography meant that if a person wants an image of something or someone they could take a picture and blow it up (though be it black and white at first). This of cores meant that artist (painters, drawers) were no longer limited to mastering the teqneke necessary to make what we call a photo realistic image, namely a portrait. Photograph basically gave painters the freedom to explore other avenues rather then just reality. As for photography being an art from, that depends on who you ask. If you ask a normal person with a disposable camera they might say you were nuts. Ask the same question to a photographer, or anyone who has more in depth experience with a camera and they might tell you it is an art of sorts. As for it’s impact on graphic design it has had a huge one. Traditionally most graphic design was illustrated by hand. Now graphic designers could use a photograph in there work witch cut down the time necessary to prepare their materials. In modern times it is what I would call in essential part of our lives. We see photos everywhere everyday. The advent of digital photography and programs like photoshop gave the graphic designer even more freedom to manipulate the photo to there needs. It may also be what has helped traditional photograph be thought of as more of an art now. Almost anyone can operate a camera, but hand them a roll of film and tell them to develop it and that is a hole different story. In the end like most things it depends on the individual. So I say make up your own mind about photography, and in the process you might learn a thing or two.

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