Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Theory as to why Egyptians seems so preoccupied with continuity and permanence.

The leadership and the focus of religion created the preoccupation of the Egyptian’s lifestyle. Kings and advisors held onto the plan from previous kings to build safe burial sites that provided rations and a direct path to the afterlife. An artistic appreciation was attained along with high culture, morals and good humor. Mathematicians were encouraged and that knowledge used to explore the obsession with outer space.

The people of Egypt were aware that the blessings were provided to them due to their king’s leadership and religious doctrine. The king and advisors provided hope to their countrymen assuring that the rich afterlife was attainable for everyone. “In The Name of the King” was the words used to enlist young and healthy men to join forces and build the pyramids that could remain beyond our lifetime. The Nile River region was fertile but was also challenging. The women were left behind to raise the children and produce their food and supply the kingdom with rations.

A hierarchy for the men to attain was rewarding and a great feeling of belonging to the purpose was created. Although the labor appeared to be slavery, the men were promised a place equal to the king’s ascent to heaven. This promise was spread to all that had a part in the building of the king’s pyramid. No one shirked their duties because there was no other choice.

The ascent to heaven was not only a king’s wish. The advisors developed skills that strengthened religion and the philosophy needed to lead the countrymen for their life work. Mathematics was employed to locate the perfect heavenly path to the circumpolar stars, “The Indestructibles”. All would rise at resurrection that shared in the name of the king and become indestructible - we through him.

George Breslau

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