Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relation between the invention of the printing press, Humanism, the Renaissance, and the Protestant Reformation

In the early 15oos, the printing press was invented and soon after, the world was transformed completely. The use of typography spread knowledge of individual sovereignty (Humanism) and lowered the illiteracy rate. Most importantly though, it allowed people to own a copy of the Bible, making individual study of the Bible more widely available instead of leaving the spread of the God's word up to religious leaders. Having the ability to study the Bible individually meant having the ability to think individually which eventually lead Christianity to split into hundreds of branches since every interpretation varied. The available use of typography and print then led to the spread of Martin Luther's "95 Theses" throughout Central Europe causing the Protestant Reformation which would have never occured without the use of print.

By the time that the Renaissace began, the use of print and typography had spread all over Europe. The organization that it created on paper allowed for individuals to think more organized and linear forming the idea of individualism. This idea formed civilization as it is today.

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