Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Iraq's Antiquities

In the book Thieves of Baghdad, it starts out by letting you know that law enforcement, military, and other agencies walked through the art museums in the middle part of Baghdad taking inventory I guess is what you would call it. I found this to be very wrong the military is there to fight and to bring peace not to take inventor of art and antiquities. I do not think that it should be another countries responsibility to protect the arts of other countries museums, even if that country is the one who started a war.

Rather, I do personally think that it should be the museums curator or the one responsible any other time the country is not at war that should be responsible for the art being destroyed. They should have strong underground vaults to store their arts and antiquities in and keep them from being stolen or destroyed or both. In the book Thieves of Baghdad it does mention that they did have underground storage but this kind of storage is simple not strong enough. I should be like a bomb shelter that can protect the art and antiquities from a nuclear bomb or what ever should come its way.

I do think that it is important for the various countries to protect their artworks and their antiquities so that other countries and the people of that country can learn, study and appreciate them. I also think that all art benefits the world as a whole by teaching us about our ancestors or the people and civilizations that have lived before us.

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