Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photography and the rest of the art world....

Recalling Art History, the invention of photography was not as positive as our current text reveals. I can see that photography was a welcomed invention for graphic design and printing. Fine Artists were a bit intimidated by the ability to reproduce images so readily. Photography was also questioned as an art form for some time. Artists adapted through learning to express themselves through their images. They were also able to use the pictures as refrences for their interpretations. Photography had a huge impact on the printing and design world. A process called photoengraving was used to create illustrations for reproduction. It was worked through and was found to be less time consuming and economical. Photos offered something new. A way of recording time and a reference of our history. Artists experimented with the ability to use the camera as a design tool. Many of them created works of art and proved just how vesatile this new process could be. Photography became an important reproduction tool and art medium. It has changed the way artist interpret their work, allowing them to express themselves through it. As far as design and printing, a magazine just wouldn't be a magazine without it. 

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