Saturday, February 9, 2008

MJS_Journal # 2_Iraq's antiquites

"What is your policy idea for protecting Iraq’s antiquities during the war?"

My idea for the policy to protect Iraq’s antiquities during the war would have to lean towards the punishment looters receive. The readings that were given to us to read stated nothing about punishment. Consequences are important in order to achieve the level of society considered civil. Also, a certain amount of respect for art needs to be achieved. One has to learn about art and why it is important to our civilization in order to understand and have respect for it. There are those who will not ever have any kind of respect for art no matter how educated they become. This is why we have consequences for our wrong doings. Consequences should be time served doing the community a service. Maybe they can be put to use recovering the antiquites ... who knows.

There should first be surveillance on each historic digging site. There should be video surveillance and armed surveillance at all times. The armed surveillance needs to be well-educated archaeologists with good morals. This personal criterion is needed so the looters cannot buy off the armed surveillance. The personnel would also need to be paid and fed well during their shifts. These are all important things because if associates are not treated well then they will not want to work or will become a sell out.

In my opinion if someone is doing well for them selves and their family then if they are able they should help their neighbor. I say this because the oil farmers are not helping out their neighbors. Their civilization is not evolving because everyone is poor except those who struck oil. The poor part or majority of Iraq is unable to become more civilized. They are more or less still living in the past. The Sumerians and Babylonians did not live much different than most of the Iraqi’s do today. People need three things to survive in life: food, shelter, and warmth. I believe that if the Iraqi people had these things all the time and did not have to wonder if they would have these things from day to day. Then they would be less likely to help the looters for money. And those that would still help the looters would get caught and have consequences to answer to.

In my opinion these things I have talked about should be done during and after the war. Everyone needs rules and or guidelines in order to have a civil civilization.

Misty J Slavens

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