Wednesday, February 6, 2008

As our book states graphic artists gave visual form to the fearful that believed the world would end with a terrible destruction. Supernatural explanations was given to natural disasters such as eclipses, earthquakes, plaque and famine were seen as warnings and punishments. For the faithful if they could overcome the struggle between good and evil on earth then they would have eternal salvation. Illustration of the Book of Revelation was an important use of conveying information to the illiterate.
One example is with using Revelation 8:12, inside our book, illustration (4-14), the fourth angel from the Beatus of Fernando and Sancha, A.D. 1047. Wing feathers are as sharp and menacing as daggers. The trumpet, wings, and tail bring an angular counterpoint to the horizontal bands of color. The sun and the moon are one-third white and two-thirds red, to illustrate that one third of each had fallen away. The comparison that I have chosen for the assignment is The War in Heaven and Alien Invasion.

The war in Heaven brings attention that the Archangel Michael battles with Lucifer. Michael is gripping the shoulder of Lucifer and is ready with sword to finish the task at hand. The colors are bright and cheerful with a contrasting darkness around the scene. An illuminating presence of God is close above in the clouds. In the world today war in heaven is not the only thing that is talked about. Some people believe alien invasions to be true. So in some people’s beliefs the world could end in with war with aliens. The picture of the alien invasion shows a ufo coming out of dark stormy clouds and flooding, rushing waters that is starting to cover the trees. Pictures at the bottom are building that is in the plans to be attacked first for the destruction of earth.

Today graphic illustrations cover many forms of the apocalypse. It comes down to what each person believes to be true for their self.

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The War in Heaven Alien Invasion

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