Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A theocratic state is ruled by a deity or god, in theory. To those with seats of power, such a state would allow them some serious advantages. Unity, control, and even a certain amount of fear are the makings of a tight grip on a society.

To begin with, one declared religion in a state would mean a uniform moral system that laws, education, and et cetera would be based on. The ideas of the religion would be constantly pressed upon citizens and put into many aspects of life. With fewer ideas circulating in mass, the ideas of the theocratic state would be the most commonly accepted and known.

In times before science and mathematics caused some serious doubt towards the existence of ethereal beings and miraculous happenings, the average Joe citizen generally would not question matters of the divine in fear of being struck by lightning or having a spell of bad luck directly resulting from their sins. So if a ruler of a theocratic government claimed to be appointed by divine rights and claimed his laws were inspired by God himself, fewer people, especially the faithful, would question what he said. A leader of a theocracy would have some intense control with the fear of God to back them up.

Unfortunately, a state based on faith may limit the amount of scientific exploration, personal freedoms of the citizens, and even the truth.

I haven’t heard of a faith based in scientific advancement. Believing in the unseen without questioning it is a core part of faith because the existence of God simply can’t be explained scientifically. On another note, the past can’t be explained scientifically either. The ideas of a theocracy’s chosen religion are based entirely on the church, which promotes faith and morals above all else. Science simply would not be promoted as it should be, thus slowing society down a bit.

Personal freedoms would be infringed upon. Speaking against the ideas of a theocracy would be a bad idea. Trying to worship another god or deity would most likely result in some sort of persecution. And no one could really argue the law because every law would be ordained by a god or deity. Basically, no one would be able to challenge the government, which is a pretty wonderful freedom we enjoy in the United States.

There’s always the potential smearing of the truth in a theocracy. Leaders could manipulate the religion as they saw fit in order to keep their control just right. Being able to control faith along with government is far too tempting for anyone with true ambition, a big head, and more money than they could possibly use on their own.

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