Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theocratic Government

In a theocracy government which is recognized by a god or deity as the civil ruler, there can be advantages and disadvantages. The God or Deity rules through a human form as a representative, and his decisions are made from the god. This kind of ruling can go either way in advantage or disadvantage. Having a God as a ruler would keep the crime down since you cannot reason with a God and the God would not back down or change the laws from one man to another. One disadvantage is if the state had an unreliable person representing the God, he could take the law into his own hands and tell the people that God said this is the way it was going to be. Another disadvantage is that since it is God ruled you could not talk to a judge and make a plea bargain, it was the same punishment for all. An advantage to this type of government is that the people seem to have a high level morality and social welfare due to they are very religious and pious. They seem to treat their fellow people better and with more respect than a democracy government would. Another disadvantage of the theocracy government is that basic rights tend to be over looked by the religious aspects of the state. Religious needs come before the needs of the man and prayer was the most important part of the daily life. In the theocratic government there was no religious freedom, it is one religion ruled by that god.

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