Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theocracy is a greek word meaning "the rule of god." Having a theocratic government has both its advantages and disadvantages. Living in a theocratic government is where a god or deity is recognized as the ruler. The government is lead by those who think they are divinely chosen by god to lead the people of the city, like the clergy and emperors. In a theocratic government the religious law overcomes any other law. Some of the advantages of having a theocratic government is the fact that because it is practically under religious rule, it makes it easier for the citizens to follow the government rules. Another advantage of having a theocratic government is that those who follow and believe that the one said to be the representation/voice of god that person has an easier way of dictating the people on what is wrong or right; this is only an advantage obviously to those who are in want of the power. The disadvantage of having a theocratic government i think is for the citizens. They are having to live under the rule of the ones who are supposedly chosen by god and must obey their ruling. I believe that depending what position in society you fit under your life style of living an advantage/disadvantage kind of life in a theocratic government will depend on this.

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