Monday, April 12, 2010

Iconoclasm: White Lies can have Dark Consequence

Iconoclasm is more or less the action of taking something that was once true and distorting it or taking away facts about it till you have something that can be vary different from what it one was and in many instances not the whole truth. In a word it is Censorship. For Iconoclasm to take place one must for what ever reason fill the public should not be made aware of something. To distort the truth and not tell the public everything they need to know about something is a lie no matter how you disguise it.

In today’s society you see Iconoclasm take place a lot in schools. Just the other day I read an article where a school district had modified there sex Ed program to stop teaching kids how to use preventive measures during sex. They clamed that that they wanted to relay to the kids that abstinence was the best measure of preventing the transmition of S.T.D.s and birth. However anyone can tell you that that does not work on all kids. So in the long run all they have done is made kids ignorant as to what to do when they do have premarital sex and they will have sex. So now there will be much more pregnant teens in that era and much more chances of spreading S.T.D.s I am not saying they should be out telling these kids they should have sex, But for gods sake they should be teaching them precautionary methods instead of just hoping all the kids in that area will stay faithful to abstinent.

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