Monday, April 12, 2010

Iconoclasm is also known as "censorship." This was used and is still used today in several ways in order to make a statement or prevent others from seeing or listening to what isn't considered appropriate to others. For example some censorship that is still done to this day is the censorship of music played on the radio. The lyrics to several songs that are played today on the radio are either substituted or beeped out because society has thought it better to protect the listeners, especially the young ones, from such vulgar type words. I think the censorship of these types of things makes sense and is appropriate in these cases. There are several young listeners who in my opinion shouldn't be listening to any type of songs that include curse words or vulgar sayings. That's why there is a certain age in which those who are wanting to purchase the songs with these types of lyrics can but once they have reached that age, which is considered an age of maturity. Censorship varies throughout every single person on what should actually be censored, some agree on one type of thing, while they might disagree on another type of thing that might be censored and so on and so forth. My opinion although i might disagree on some censored things, i think censorship is a good thing to have around and if you are wanting something uncensored there's pretty much always a way to find it for your personal satisfaction. Having censorship on lyrics is a modern way of iconoclasm that i personally agree with, and think that everyone should respect the opinion of why things are censored no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Censoring music is a smart thing to do in order to prevent any extra vulgarity throughout society. I believe that there will always be this sort of blockage of things in the world, and it will only be a small issue to fight against/or for compared to other things throughout the world.

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