Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Perfect Body

I believe that there are many similarities that we have carried over from ancient Greece. The Greeks had very high of view humans and felt like they were most important aspect of society. They thought that humans were so important that they created the democracy, a government ruled by the people. They exalted human beings. Gods and goddesses in ancient Greece even had the form of humans because of the value the Greeks put on the human. As the book says, today this way of thinking is such a huge part of the modern western society that we barely recognize that it was originally thought of in Greece.

In today’s modern Western society this had become a constant mind set and a mindset integrated into our way of thinking. The human is the main priority in many aspects of our world. In art, advertising, marketing, and many other parts of this world.

In Greek art and sculpture the human form mostly had a realistic feel but was created with high standards of what the perfect human should look like. They sculpted the human to perfection. Today I believe we use this same method in art and also with advertising. We present the human in a “realistic” way, but in such a perfect way that it then loses its realism. The Greeks sculpted humans mostly males that for the most part had perfect shapes and curves. Today with the use of technology we are able to create the thing. We edit the body to a point that makes the realistic perfectly unrealistic.

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