Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The beliefs of the human body and human beings to Greeks were portrayed in a very powerful manner, especially for the men. The body of a man was seen as perfection especially the athletic type. They were so fascinated by their physique that they would even do their athletic events nude. The Greeks began with an obsession of perfection when they sculpted the body of a naked man, something that never occurred with the sculpture of a woman (sculpting a woman naked, that is). Later in time, the Greeks sculptures evolved into a more realistic art form. Their sculptures would portray every detail including wrinkles and scars, making that sculpted person unique. They would also not only have young athletic men but also included woman and the elderly in their works of art. I believe that all of these Greek techniques are definitely still around today. In general the athletic manly physique is considered the most attractive. Also, in modern works of art everything tends to be included when portraying a person. Including the every "imperfection" which makes that person who they are and adds a source of character to the art work. Something that has definitely changed from the Greeks time is the obsession with the body of a man. It tends to be more the woman who's body and curves are pleasing to the eye. Now a day there is no discrimination to whose body is able to be shown nude. The Greeks also began the loose a more relaxed effect when it came to their art, allowing their art to become more realistic. This is something that has continued to this day. Greek beliefs about the human body and human beings has obviously stuck around to how art is made/formed now. The evolution of the Greeks beliefs allowed art to grow and will still continue to because of their beginning.

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