Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is art? Representation or intentional?

Should art be intentional and representational to be considered art? What is your personal definition of art?

My belief is that art is an expression of a thought, emotion, or opinion. The art of expressing something I consider art. Whether your expression is representational or intentional I believe that both are considered art because the thought, emotion or opinions are being expressed either way.
Art can be expressed as an intentional representation of whatever is desired to be expressed. For example if someone is feeling down and depressed they might paint something dark and gloomy. But if someone just sat down, feeling the need to express something but was not sure what. When they started painting something dark and gloomy cam up. They might realize that what they had just created was a representation of their emotion. In this example the person unintentionally expressed, in art, that represented their emotion.
To develop my definition of art as an expression of a thought, emotion, or opinion I would like to state, that any method can be used that most adequately expresses this. For a child this might be using their fingers and paint. For someone good at expressing themselves with just what they see and a paintbrush, painting would be a good method. For someone like myself, who is not good at expressing themselves on paper, photography might be the best way. I am able to take an emotion and attempt to express it with what I see around me. Capturing the thought, emotion, or expression with a camera.

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