Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interpretting Art

To me art is defined by the viewer. We all know that there is no rock solid definition of what art is, which is why it will probably always be debated throughout eternity. I believe the viewer is the person who ultimately gets to decide whether what they are looking at is art or not. But I also believe that art is something that is created by a human. Finding a rock on the ground and not doing anything to it and claiming it is art is probably not art. However, if someone were to create a painting or somehow sculpt the rock, it could be considered art. Every individual viewer is going to see that piece of art differently, and there will probably always be people that decide to say it is not art. There is probably never going to be an exact definition of art because I dont see every single person ever agreeing on every single piece of artwork. Its human nature that is ultimately going to decide. Every person is going to decide in their own mind whether something is art or not. So I do not believe there is ever going to be a strict definition of what is considered to be art, but I do believe the viewer is the one who decides for him or herself whether something is considered art or not.

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