Monday, February 22, 2010

Journal Entry 2

I believe that the theft and destruction of ancient antiquities during the Iraq war is abrasive, every time we destroy something from the past that tells a story of how and possibly why things are the way the are in present day, but also how things got to the point of where they are only hurts us. These clues can show us crucial steps to unlocking the past and the war of Iraq and the many years that have followed have left us with many hurtles to overcome.My opinion what gives us the right to destroy the past? By destroying the past we can really cloud the future. For hundreds of years our civilization has tried to piece together the past and use the clues of ancient antiquities to solve the bigger picture of how things have got to be where the have become. These ancient antiquities should be protected by law of some sort to preserve the past for future research so that the whole world can know what these clues where all about even if they turned out to be nothing more than just simple antiquities. But government show come up with certain laws to protect the history just as if it was protected by citizens rights.I have a strong opinion about destroying are stealing belongings from the past, the past has been set for a reason it’s a path that has been laid out for us to follow and learn from not to destroy and disgrace its not different than say tearing down your child hood home that you made memories in and spent time growing a learning ways of life to have it destroyed and replaced with a new shopping mall or something that has no significant meaning to it. There needs to be laws in place that govern such ancient antiquities from being destroyed.

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