Monday, February 22, 2010

First Journal Entry

I think in different cases art could be considered both intentional and representational. i would describe art to be both intentional and representational because personally art can be a representation of one's personality or a significant moment on one's life with many different intentions to be considered with that particular person. Who are we to say that early art in particular was suppose to represent something,for example when the early sand people of South Africa made paintings inside the caves with unique color, lines, and dots and other shapes many believed that the paintings where to symbolize the cultures passion for the animals such as bison and reindeer; however the intentions could be more complex than the drawings appear at times. In the film How Art Made the World, it described this particular culture that they worship there animals but when research found more answers they found that they where really intentionally trying to make drawings of themselves in the spirit world not representing the animals that researches believed that they had worshiped. Art can be used in a wide variety and interpreted in many different ways, this can include different cultures one and the same from a different time frame of life showing how one culture has evolved over time, also art can be used for representational purposes showing different times of life of how we have evolved as people showing what kind of animals we hunted and the methods we used and how that is compared to how we hunt and irrigate our lands to feed the mass culture as a whole and art in my opinion shows us the story of how we have got to where we are and where we are going, we will continue to use art as both intentional and representational. Sources: How Art Made the World

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