Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The afterlife for the Egyptians was very important maybe more so then it is to Christians around the world today. To the Egyptians the afterlife attained through death was only the beginning of their immortality. But I can understand not wanting to be lost in time and having life continue on without you, it’s a scary feeling. And I’m sure it’s one that reinforced the Egyptians beliefs in life after death.

In order to attain their immortality the Egyptians went through various procedures. Mummification has to be by far one of the strangest things I’ve heard of in order for them to cross the threshold into immortality. Liquefying the brain and removing the organs to be placed into sacred jars is odd. But then again we fill our dead with preservatives in order to say goodbye one last time at their funerals.

The neatest thing I thing they did in order to become immortals was the great pyramids. Convincing ten’s of thousands of people to work on a tomb of their king is amazing. He (the King) was able to take people from their families willingly and convince them to help him create the world’s tallest man made monument with only the use of a few basic tools and a whole lot of man power.

So all in all I understand their obsession with wanting to be remembered or immortal after all the scariest thing about death is that we really don’t know what happens next. So all we can do it guess and hope for the best

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