Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Continuity and Permanence Among the Egyptians

The Egyptians were a proud race of people and there culture still draws the curiosity of many people today. It is clear when looking at art and architecture from that region that it is Egyptian. Many other types of art are hard to categorize because of their vast similarities but Egyptian culture and art was static for so many years that it has become the norm for that region.

All of the architecture surrounding the pyramids directly depicts the Egyptians continuity and permanence. The mathematical calculation put into the architecture of the pyramids clearly shows the Egyptians need to journey into the afterlife. Many of the Egyptians people spent their adult lives working on the pyramids in order to guarantee the kings’ passage into the after life, which in turn allowed many followers and workers to journey with him. The pyramids are considered one of the worlds 7 wonders for good reason. The shear strength and drive these people had to create these pyramids is simple stunning. In our culture today, one could probably not find as large of a group of people to undertake such a task. The only thing that I can think of to come close would be the Amish when they gather as a community to build a barn for a family.

Although permanence can be clearly recognized in the Egyptian culture, it can also be seen in many other cultures including those in present day. As a human race, we seem to strive for something more after death no matter what belief system. We seem to fear the end as a society, so striving for permanence gives us hope for something more, as it once did for the Egyptians.

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