Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello, Everytime I am asked to write one of these introduction things, I am reminded of the proverbial "tell us what you did over summer vacation" things from grade school. Well, my family lived on a farm and summers are for working plus we had a large family and not very much money. So, while my young classmates were going on and on about their summer adventures, I was busy trying to figure out how to make farm work sound glamorous! Being older now, I realize that nobody really cares!

I live in a very small cabin in downtown Rogers with my two four-legged furry friends. First, I will introduce you to Louise. She is a miniature Dauchund who is around 10 years old. My brother brought her to me about five years ago. She belonged to his neighbors and they thought she needed a new home. The story was that she was two years old and a real darling - they just had too many animals. Well, truthfully, she was 5-6 years old (according to the vet). Better yet, she liked to nip at people. Fortunately, she only bit one! She is now much tamer but likes to bark more than I like. The new little dog is an Imperial ShitZhu named Joey. He's only been with me a couple of weeks and we are having fun nipping his bad habits. His former owner "forgot" to tell me about those when asked. He needed a new home because the neighbors had a real bully of a dog that ate Joey's sister and they didn't want to sentence him to the same fate. Well, his name should have been Harry as in Houdini for he can find escape routes like a pro! My wonderful brother came by this morning and fixed the route of choice so now the little guy is really confused! He has now discovered that shoes can make a very loud noise so he's not choosing them as a toy quite as often. Delightful little guy - he'll know the rules of the house before long!

So much for my immediate household. I have one beautiful daughter. She has grown into a fine young woman of whom I am extremely proud. I absolutely love this stage in our lives - our relationship has developed into a special type of friendship. We have so much fun doing things together. It's rather interesting to see her try to take care of me! I think she needs to put that one on the back burner for a few years! When I bought the little cabin, she worked along side of me during the renovations. We had so many good times that we were sad to see it done. Her young son Logan worked right along with us - its amazing how much work a three-year- old can accomplish! He's a good helper - just ask him! He is now four and just as much a good helper. He and I have amazing times together. We go to the park, to the movies, for walks or just play in the back yard. He loves to play art - he has just discovered watercolor! He is a wiz at jigsaw puzzles and has just graduated to the 63-piece ones. His passion was once "Cars" but now is more into "Thomas" and trains.

I am studying Graphic Design. This is my first real exposure to art. I have always been more in the business world and have enjoyed a successful sales career that includes direct sales, inside sales and a stint as a national sales manager for a manufacturing company. After electing not to relocate with my last employer, I decided it was a good time to learn something new and do something different. I have never been much of a history person but with my increasing interest in art, I am optimistic that this class will be much more enjoyable that I have envisioned. After all, I'm not much of a drawing kind of person and I learned alot from my drawing class! Open minds are wonderful things!

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