Friday, December 4, 2009


Postmodern art is a term used to describe an art movement which was thought to be contradictory to some aspects of modernism. In general, movements such as installation art, conceptual art, multimedia, intermedia are described as postmodern. Many artists also used other art elements such as, collage, simplification, appropriation, depiction of consumer or pop culture and performance art.
What I like about postmodern art is that it is breaking away from the pack of other art styles. I love how there are no boundaries with postmodern art and architecture. Artists used things that were never used in artwork before. Medium like garbage on the side of the street such as: tires, newspapers, candy wrappers, etc. On the other hand; this medium makes art seem simple and easy to make. It makes anyone think they can be an artist by slinging paint on paper or putting trash together on a goats head-and that’s art. This makes it hard for some viewers to see the deeper meaning art. As an artist, I know that we have a meaning for each and every piece of out art; but some viewers may not understand that.
I believe we have already stepped into the next big thing with art- digital art. Technology today is so very different, we have computers that can do near everything our hands can do and more. We can also view art through the internet and be inspired by something someone across the world. And I believe the future will only grasp these ideas and take them further in technology. Down the road, we may see flying cars; we may be living on mars or the moon or even in the skies. Who knows, with the speed of how technology is growing now-we may see all of this in our lifetime.

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