Friday, December 4, 2009

post modern art is not as appealing to me as some of the other art we have seen this year. i do like post modern art when it is used in decorations. this kind of art seems to be able to add more space to a room if there is enough of it close together. it is also kind of relaxing. if i where to just try and look at a single piece of post modern art it would confuse and frustrate me. i wouldn't understand or even want to try to understand it. but post modern art along with plants and music is quite enjoyable. post modern art in architecture is much more appealing to me. my favorite architect of all time is Fey Jones. i find post modern architecture much more appealing and even superior to traditional or regular architecture. the fey jones house in springdale has a very cool layered roof thay gives a 3d effect when viewed from the inside. another great place to see this sort of architecture is in barcelona spain. when i was there i was blown away by how many extraordinary buildings and sculptures that were there. art for the future? i dont have any clue how it will be. perhaps for a time it will be new digital art or art that is reflected on the viewer, making them a piece of the art. but who can see past that. art does seem to be the strongest form of the human imagination. so i can at least predict that the next art movement will precede the next major science movement. art i predict will also become more accessible to the whole public. perhaps this would usher in a knew art movement though iam not sure what it be like.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

I like Antoni Gaudi in terms of Spanish architecture.