Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That was Then This is Now

The role of Master changed because the need for the artist changed. Many things brought this shift in the painters’ role but the most important one of them all is technology. With the invention of the camera came the new age of the artist, no longer were they stuck painting portraits and paintings of fruit baskets for clients. Photography gave painters freedom from one subject and one goal but some were like captive animals set free. They did not know what do now, now that their one job was no longer needed. Now that realism was taken over painters felt the need to break out from their old roles. Now they could focus on other aspects of painting besides how real it looked. Color, feeling, and technique became the alternative focuses for artists to concentrate on when they were creating their pieces.

There are no more masters today because their art is not appreciated at the level it once was. The masters of the past were great artist but what gave them their fame was the amount of people that saw their art. And powerful people usually Hired the “masters” of the past thus creating their popularity and recognition. These days there is not an artist or art that powerful people endorse or show to the masses. Since not a large amount of people see it, then it does not get as much attention or respect. And art has expanded to such a large extent that painting is no longer the main source of art and it has just become another medium in the pile of choices available today. If the world does not see your art then you will not be remembered at the extent of the “masters” of the past.

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