Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the modern artist has changed very much from the atist of old.
firstly they are much more independent to pursue their own interst than artist form the other eras. this alows artist to go wild i suspect and once they get bored of realistic paintings, like i assume Picasso did, they move on to abstract. once painting abstract they go crazy and get good attention. however, im sure antenttion isnt the only motivating factor. perhaps at this time abstract art was more of a lifestyle and a sort of counter culture movement. the 60s had hippies we have emos, maybee the earlie 20s had abstract artist. just a thought, but there does seem to more behind this abstract art, such as the poetry we heard today to go along with it. like the olden days good artist of this time enjoy celebirty status and as far as i know a few were able to live a comfortable life off their work. but the only real differance i can make out is that there is no longer commisions. its seems that artist are no longer viewed as craftsmen but as idividuals or as part of some type of cultural movement. i say this because i remeber hearing about the group that liked war and their picture of the soldiers in the war machine. i also know that anarchis and communist both had artist that simpathised and did work for their cause. so as europe began the 20th century its social and industrial growing pains are reflected in its art. this seems logical enouph. another reason this abstract art seems like a movement to me is the reaction it created in people who didnt like it. most notorious is the cruel mr hitler. hitler believed that abstract art and human disabilitys such as down sendrom were similar. he believed that both were a kind of unevolving process, if you will, that if not destroyed, would cripple the evolution of the supreme race. what is fascinating to me is how many people went along with him on this. we havnt discussed this in class but i hope to learn more about art and artist in the early years of nazi germany.

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