Monday, November 16, 2009

Modern Artists

Everyday life has drastically changed. The world is so much different-life is at a much quicker pace now. Many things contribute to this with technology being the primary cause. With things like electricity, many forms of transportation, telephones, and not to mention the Internet, life becomes extremely easy.
In earlier life, artists were commissioned or paid to create their works of art. Usually the church or wealthy people would pay an artist to create a piece; one would not produce something for their own enjoyment. Also, in these times the subject was primarily depicts as “realistic” as possible. It was this way until the camera was invented-now with a click of a button a point in time was captured. Therefore; there was no need to create a subject this way anymore, this is where art changed the most.
In the modern era artwork became more abstract; brush strokes became visible, emotion was being shown, ideas were being extracted, and most importantly design started to shine through these pieces. The world was not longer “perfect” and these artists were depicting the ugly side and the mistakes in life.
Today, artists are more like businessmen. Art is usually created for money, this is a way of living now. We are still able to show our emotions and ideas about the subject, but most often we are getting paid for it. We still can express our beliefs and communicate our thoughts within our art. Just as these artists, most of us in this class are going to graduate and become some kind of artist-whether it be design work, fine art or photography.

Art is now a way of life.

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