Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Renaissance Aesthetic

The Renaissance had an incredibly large incredibly large impact on art. The "Masters" such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael, started to use geometry to give the paintings a good amount of symmetry and asymmetry. The perspective and depth needed no improvement at all because it was the best anyone had seen or could produce. And, of course, because of Humanism influence, they also studied and understood anatomy far better than any previous artists before the Renaissance period. The Renaissance paintings and sculptures had the most beautiful use of detail and shading anyone had seen. In fact, an extremely low amount of people have been able to copy the Masters' talent in making a hand-made image so life-like, but this may a result of Hockney's theory of the use lenses that many artists seemed to have used. The people during the Renaissance era were emphatically shocked and impressed by how incredibly real these paintings and sculptures looked. They had never seen such perfect and life-like images. It takes much talent to produce art like the Renaissance art. An artist has to study the subject, and even after understanding perfectly WHAT it should look like, cannot actually produce what he or she wants. After the Masters had such a large impact on art, everyone wanted to create an exact replica as they did. It is considered the most talented an artist can be if they can produce such life-like images as the Renaissance men did. Almost all art teachers teach their students the same methods at these Masters used to create their artwork. These methods will probably always be used to produce the life-like images as the Renaissance men did.

Although these paintings and sculptures were extremely impressive, they are not so interesting anymore. Ever since the camera was invented , people are not so captivated by a hand making a replica of an image because we can now produce a copy of something by simply pushing a button. It isn't so fascinating anymore, although still impressive, but no longer needed or longed for as it once was.

I do believe that Renaissance art is very beautiful and impressive. The Renaissance men put an incredibly large amount of time in their artwork, and it shows. Their detail is impeccable and beautiful. I also love religious subjects, mixed with classical stories. The artworks have deep meaning and thought, and their detail is flawless. Renaissance is incredibly gorgeous, and perfect on every way.

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