Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aesthetic essence in the Renaissance

The beauty of artistic depictions the Renaissance brought to its century was able to inculcate a great influence over its artists. They were able to outstand their old masters and teachers by introducing an aesthetic essence to their works of art. Forms were measured to its fullest perfection; all figures looked more realistic and correct to its real visage. New sets of mediums were used to create more color, light, and shade to their works. Important artists, such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and more will always be remembered for their new and refreshing creations of art.

As of this, the aesthetic essence of the Renaissance, especially the High Renaissance, has never diminished for it stands as the ideal Art that most artists are influenced and inspired by. Since our society focuses on its environment and personal state of mind, we still use the elements of the Renaissance that focus on the human being. Our feelings, experiences, and personal events are more likely to be painted by artists today than seeing artworks dealing with religion or politics.

Even though the Renaissance was mostly based on religious depictions, we saw how artists were able to paint about different subjects. Artists like Titian, was able to portray scenes that dealt with human emotion and expression. His painting, Pastorial Symphony, shows how far he went to get human emotion in this painting, and it was done in a very unusual way because no one during that era could paint naked people and not get into trouble. Today, most artists like to depict their own versions of these famous paintings from the High Renaissance.

I do like the Renaissance art because it brought more meaning to what art means to us. These artists were no longer just portrait painters but they were seen as great patrons to creation and beauty. An art career was created and it was put as a skillful talent that could give you respect and individuality. Anyone who wants to be involved in the arts will always be influenced and inspired by the great artists in the Renaissance. Most artists of today will always say how influenced they were by Da Vinci or other artists from this era. They will even say that they pursued art because they grew in love with most of these artists' artworks.

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