Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The plagues affect on artistic production in Italy during the 14th century

The Black Death drastically changed Italian art in the 14th century. As the Black Death began to take a numerous amount of lives in the European continent, taking up to 50 percent of Europe's population in a period of five years, people started to stay in their own homes and study the bible amongst themselves instead of going out to their usual churches, and have a likely chance of catching the Black Death.

As the Italian's studied the bible themselves, they each began to form their own religions and beliefs. This enabled many artists to make images displaying their religious beliefs. Because Italians did realize that the church was not always correct, they started to become humanists, which recovered classical values. As classical art become more popular, medieval art began to fade away. Classical artists had much more accurate perspectives. The subjects did not all have the exact same robotic look on their faces. They had more emotion. Artists also began to show drapery in clothing, and light shinning down onto the subjects, making the images more three-dimensional. They started to move away from too much symmetry, and added asymmetry too. Sculpture's used marble and incorporated a numerous amount of detail. The Black Death opened the door for more realistic art than the unrealistic, medieval art.

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