Monday, April 6, 2009

The Use of Iconoclasm

I would say that the world shows several signs of iconoclasm. One example is usually shown by looking at the catholic church, or any church that shows the crusifiction of Jesus Christ. In every picture or statue of Jesus on the cross, it shows him hanging wearing garments. According to ancient research, however, it is said that usually anyone that was crusified was done so in the nude. I beleive that the cross with Jesus shown on it is wearing clothing because younger kids could see the image and be exposed to nudity. I also beleive that they put clothes on him because it might make the viewers uncomfortable. Therefore the cencoring of the image, I would consider to be a form of iconoclasm. It also gives the impression to the viewers that the crusifictictions were done in a different form than what they really were. If people were to see the real image then they might see or feel the humility that was established when the actual crusifiction took place. If the image makes the viewers umcomfortable I could only imagine how it would have felt being Jesus Christ at the time.
I also see certain forms of iconoclasm today in the media. The sole purpose of the media, in their eyes, is to sell stories. In order to sell certain stories they must appeal to the general public. To do this they must catch the eye of the public. in order to do that they often stretch the truth quite a bit in order to sell. In many cases i see this as s form of iconoclasm, because instead of bearing just facts, they change the view to suit the public's eye.

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