Monday, April 6, 2009

Modern Iconoclasm.

An instance in modern iconoclasm, in my eyes, would be the censorship of the graffiti artist today. Although they are expressing their artistic abilities in private property and therefore are said to be illegal,their displays are still art, and as far as I know they are being cruelly censored everywhere. There are thousand of attempts everywhere to get rid of these artists. Not so long ago the state of California imposed a new law stating that these artist would be severely punished for their "criminal" acts. Graffiti does not only happen here in the United States, it is everywhere and everyone does it. Graffiti's roots go back to the ancient Roman civilization. The artists motives for the graffiti are legitimate. The government however view it differently; they see it as vandalism, a criminal act, and a sign of defiance. Graffiti artists are punished, sent to jail, fined, and stereotyped(gangsters,etc.) The law enforcement destroys, paints over, and makes sure none of this art can be displayed and it has been happening for years. Although the society may view it as bulgar, ugly, and worthless these people are really artist, and if there work were in canvas instead of private property would probably be more accepted. The freedom of the artist is being censored. 

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