Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Iconoclasm is the breaking down or tearing apart images, usually of religious nature. We don't do that as much anymore as they did at one time. Probably because here in America we have so many religions and cultures mixed together that we have become more tolerant of other beleifs. It has become more, live and let live. At one time it was either the Ruler or the Church who decided what was okay and what wasn't okay.

As I have said before, I'm not very good at writing, I know what I want to say but can't seem to make it make sense when I try to write it, so bare with me on this entry.

We really haven't had any Iconoclasm here in the United States for several years, none that I could remember and I couldn't find very much online. The destruction of the Buddas appears to be the most recent event and that was in 2001. I personally don't understand why anyone would want to destroy any form of art. Not just because of the history, but also the beauty that it expresses. There has always been a few who wanted to reign over people and tell them what, where, when, & how to do things, so art is just another form of ruling people.

I also find it sad that some of the religious art is not protrayed in truth and reality. Why the church sees this as a bad thing. No wonder we are so amazed and disillusioned at the same time when we are finally enlightened with the truth.

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