Monday, April 6, 2009

Israeli bombardment of Lebanon destroys Artwork

Youssef Ghazawi, a Lebanese abstract artist, had his artwork destroyed when Israeli missiles landed on his house. This happened 3 weeks after the war between Israel and Lebanon suddenly erupted. This is a perfect example of modern iconoclasm. Art has been destroyed by the mistakes of men in a war. War causes us to loose part of our cultural identity when it destroys works of art.

This is a picture of what i looked like before and what it looked like after. Although most of the work was far worse off than this. It is really a shame that the worst of our human nature causes works such as these to be smashed and destroyed. A picture says a thousand words and we as a race can't afford to loose so much of our history because of the tyranny of leaders who warmonger. Iconoclasm is a terrible atrocity that needs to be kept from occurring whenever possible. Even in war time it should be expected for both enemies to respect the works of art of each others culture. Especially the most civil of countries such as the United States of America.

Trevor Rounds

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