Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Greek beliefs about the human being and the human body are continued to this day?

The Greek people viewed human bodies especially male bodies as great art objects. They made sculptures for honoring a god. It is very interesting because Greek people made a god as human shape. Also it is interesting they were fascinated by male body than female body. They made many beautiful naked male sculptures and those sculptures were made in perfect male form such as dynamic, tall and muscular. I think the Greek people’s sense of beauty, the sight of beauty for human body is continued to today. Their idea of the perfect body is still perfect for modern sight.
However, today, modern people tend to consider the female body more beautiful than male body. Also many people think of human body as sexual and embarrassing object instead of thinking of it as beautiful. Modern people destroyed the Greek view of the human body. I like the Greek way of thinking about the human body better than modern way of thinking. I think those pictures in the textbook are great.
There are more interesting things in Greek culture. People used to be totally naked in public which nowadays is impossible to be. They never hid their body. Today we hide our body in public, especially in school. We are not even allowed to wear sleeveless clothes. I have no idea why and when people started to wear close and hide their beauty. But I think people who wear sexy and almost naked close have the same sense of beauty with Greek people. They think and appreciate their beautiful body like Greek people used to do.

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