Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Greeks Influence Our Lives

When looking at the world today it is somewhat easy to depict Greek aspects in Human beeings as well as the architecture found throughout the world in most time periods. The Greeks were the first to really thrive on the perfection of the human body. When looking at the human body the greeks loves to create statues and figures of the male body, in particular, that showed every muscle in a perfect form. These figures were normally presented in the nude form to show every aspect of the body. Today this facination still takes place. There is a very big community in most cities that are well known as "body-builders". These people focus mainly on critiqueing their body in every form. Their main goal is to get their body into the best possible form that it can be in. I would not feel out of place saying that these body-builders are very much in comparison with the ancient Greeks. Sports nowadays also focus getting their players into the best possible form as well. Even the olympics show signs that relate to the Greeks. The first olympics were played in the nude to bring out the male form. So it is easy to see how the Greeks have influenced the lives of many today with their fascination with the male body.
Greek architecture is also seen throughout the world today. Their Columns and pillars designed in some of their tombs can be seen in many forms of building today in many countries. I have come to notice that most capital buildings have a Greek design to them. The Greeks built tombs with the body in the center of the tomb. These building have gigantic columns on the outside that make up the tombs. When looking at most city, state, or even our country capital, it also has the same column design. This might be a symbol that the capitol is usually in the center of the town or state, like the Greeks put the body in the center of the huge tombs. Therefore this style architecture might actually have a symbolic mean as well as an asthetic mean.

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