Sunday, March 29, 2009

Theocracy in the middle ages

Having a theocratic government rule over a civilization can be looked as a good resolution to the persecutions and divisions the people of the middle ages were faced with but this from of government also established terror and it demolished the people's freedom in regards to the preserving humanist ideals and other beliefs that were different from Christianity.

The placement of Christianity in the Roman Empire gave way to demolish the horrible crusades and persecutions Christians had to endure for some time. Its civilization had the opportunity to establish equal beliefs amongst the vast empire.  Furthermore, the people were now ruled under their religion and beliefs. Most would think that this new form of government was a good resolutions to the terror and division that these people had to endure when the Roman Empire was at its peak of power.  But when looking at the later stages that took place after the placement of this new form of government, most would agree that individualism and free thought was cast off and looked as something wicked and unholy. 
As of this, when looking at the art and literature that was created throughout this era, one would see the callous and unfeeling ideal that theocracy gave way to its civilization.  All pagan beliefs were forbidden; even the artful beauty that the Romans contained from the Greek art.  Moreover, much of the discovery and inventions that the Roman Empire collected from all around the continent, was lost and forgotten.  

Overall, the establishment of Christianity over the Roman Empire gave an overall peace and unity to the people and the church, but it can also be said that this government persecuted and demolished old beliefs and ideals that other forms of religions and groups  gave to this world, especially the Roman and Greek beliefs.

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