Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Rule of God

The definition of theocratic government gives is a clue as to advantages and disadvantages. It tells us that the rule of the people is by God or his representatives on earth. When we think of advantages, it has to be in the uniformity of the applications of the laws. Everyone has the same rules and if done correctly, the same treatment under the law. If it’s not, then treatment will be severe and hard. Punishment is usually swift and harsh to the “sinner” or “infidel.”

The government is normally very organized and effective. It will probably have a low crime rate because of those laws and the punishment of those who break it. It will be conservative, in most cases, and information will be disseminated centrally. The ruler or his representatives will interpret the laws usually to benefit themselves. Whatever the state religion is will be what’s expected to be followed.

There are many cons to the theocracy. Freedom is curtailed with that form of government. There will be no freedom of religion, probably no freedom of speech and everyone will be expected to follow the same guide lines no matter what. The individuality is discouraged and will be punished in many cases. A good example would be Iran. The Iranians are very restrictive with their government and society. We see how the government treats its people. The relationship with other countries is not to accept their form of government or beliefs of their people.
I don’t condemn the theocratic government, it’s just not one I want to live under. As Patrick Henry so eloquently said, ”Give me liberty or give me death.”

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