Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Profiting off our Ancestory....

Ancient antiquities are more than just pieces of art to be studied or sold as "art." They are what define us as a civilization today. They represent our ancestors and our progress in knowledge, cultures, and technology. They represent the basis of our being and where we are in the world today. The fact that these pieces are being destroyed, stolen, and sold illegally shows the disrespect of some, to our ancestors. It's the heritage of the human race, not just for some to make money off of. Even though history shows that during times of war, sculptures and other artifacts have been mutilated as a sign of dominance and lack of respect for the opposing side. In this day, however, I would like to think that people could overcome their greed and destructive nature, and join in an alliance to help preserve these precious pieces. It's such a disgrace to see the them being sold on a black market for some to prosper off of their greed. It's a bit of a relief , however, to know that the US military does actually have a special team set up to recover stolen pieces from Baghdad. I believe that Colonel Bogdanos is doing his best to recover and preserve the pieces that were stolen. I think that because we live in an age where we find our information from the television, i think that more broadcasting of this situation would reach out to more of the population and explain the importance of the preservation of the human races history.

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