Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Iraq's Artifacts and Antiquities, how and should we help protect them?

This will probably not be a popular response but I think we as Americans have stuck our nose into other countries affairs long enough. I think we have a full time job taking care of ourselves and until we get back up on our feet I think charity should start here at home. If every country would take responsibility for their own artifacts and antiquities and not leave it up to the United States to do it all the world might be a better place. If Iraq would like some help in suggestions on how to preserve their ancient art I would be willing to make suggestions but I don't think that we should be responsible for doing the work for them.

We have here in the United States a vault so large that you couldn't even tour it in one day. It is built into a mountain and it goes 3 levels underground. It is also gated and protected by guards. If you have a large enough collection of anything and want it protected it can be stored there for a fee. It is climate controlled and everything from film negatives to fine art work to government secrets have been stored there. If the United States can come up with this kind of security why can't other countries? If the Egyptians can build awesome pyrimids why can't the Iraqian Government to do the same? This would be my solution to salvaging and saving Iraq's artifacts and antiquities. It seems like Iraq is more interested in waging wars then saving their history to pass on the future generations, which is a real shame. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping others but I think they need to learn to help themselves and not depend on others to do all the work for them. This is just my opinion on this topic so you can either agree with me or take this post with a grain of salt.

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Steve Wright said...

Your posting is compeling and well thought out. I do have a question though.

I am curious why you have stated, "It seems like Iraq is more interested in waging wars then saving their history to pass onto the future generations, which is a real shame." Do you really think Iraq started the war? Sure the Iraqee people have had extreme militant governments like Sadam Hussein who needed to be tried and punished for his crimes. But they did not start the war. We started the war. Really ask yourself why? Why did we start the war without NATO and the cooperation of The United Nations? Did we feel we had to "police" the middle east all by ourselves? Global cooperation of all Nations exists to so that one dominant power is not responsible for all the rest. Nor should one dominant power have the right to destroy another. Otherwise, we are doomed to relive history. If NATO and The United Nations had been on board with the US plan for war, maybe something could have been done to avoid damage,looting and destruction of these world antiquities.

I welcome any follow-up. Good job.