Monday, February 9, 2009

The Importance of Preserving Pre-Historic Art

The destruction and deft of the only prehistorical remains of artwork is devastating; how can we take a deeper look into our ancestors and have the opportunity to preserve their creations and discoveries that prove that the arts have always been a part of our lives, when they are being destroyed or sold in the black market?

The importance of preserving these artworks is essential for the human race, for they are proof of the progress that numerous civilizations have been able to accomplish since having the sense of communication and imagination. We can even go farther into saying that keeping these artworks will teach us of the ways in which we can improve and become better societies. Moreover, these artworks have given us answers to our past and how we have evolved from it. As an example, how can we have known the first written language? or the first organized civilization? Without these discovered artworks, we would be lost in answering the mysteries of how we have been able to progress and create new methods to live in the world of today.

Consequently, the Iraq war has been in charge of destroying and loosing this important preservation of the human race. If nothing is done to protect and preserve these important and aesthetic artifacts, then the future generations will have no opportunity to admire and learn these artifacts that represent our past. As of this, one of the ways in which we could keep these artifacts from being destroyed or stolen, would be to have them shipped to an area were all the known and practical security can be created to protect these artifacts. We would also have to make sure that this place would not be invaded or affected by any kind of war or conflict that could endanger the artworks. Moreover, there should be an agreement with all countries to keep the artifacts intact; in this case, the United Nations would be the sponsor to acquire this agreement.
Since there has been numerous creations of art throughout the world, there should be a place where all the most aesthetic and important artworks can be placed in safety. Therefore, if this place it's created, then there would be a world museum to preserve the prehistoric art safely from wars and bombs. If we do nothing to stop the destruction and deft of these historical artworks, then we would loose a great value that represented the first human creativity and intelligence.

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